Our Computer Lab was recently renovated with brand new computers!

In the Lower Elementary grades, students learn the parts of the computer, software and its uses, use of websites, and beginner typing skills. Class curriculum themes are supported through the use of various websites. Early reading, letter, numbers, shapes, sorting, colors sounds, puzzles, and following directions are all reinforced in the lower Elementary computer classes.

Students in Upper Elementary grades learn and develop strong typing skills. Students discover internet safety, as well software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Children complete quarterly projects using software hardware. They also learn about computer hardware and how it works.

Middle School students who choose to take Computers as an elective class are given the opportunity to strengthen their typing skills and expand their knowledge of the computer’s hardware and software. Students showcase their creativity and knowledge by completing projects using Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint, and PowerPoint. All students are also taught basic research skills along with Internet safety.

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