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Solar Eclipse Dismissal Procedures

As many of you are aware, a solar eclipse will take place during the afternoon of Monday, August 21st. The majority of the eclipse will not be safe for the human eye to view without specialized eye wear. Much of the United States will be exposed to the eclipse. We will be educating our students about the nature of the eclipse and the dangers that exist. 


Dismissal Procedures

Since our regular dismissal times​ will coincide with the solar ​eclipse, we will not be following our regular drive-thru dismissal procedures. Instead, we will be dismissing our students from the chapel. Parents will need to park their car and walk into the church foyer (church main entrance) to personally pick up their child(ren).



We will offer an ​optional early dismissal at 12​:00 PM for parents interested in picking up their child(ren) early from school​. Parents will need to sign their child(ren) out in the school office. Please note that there will not be adverse attendance consequences for students picked up early from school on Monday​. If you plan to pick up your child early from school on Monday, please inform your child's homeroom teacher and make sure your child does not order lunch that morning.

Regarding ​Afterschool Care on Monday:
All​ students will remain indoors for the duration of the eclipse from 1:0​0 PM onward. Students will have their aftercare activities​ held in the Cafeteria. To ensure the safety of all ​our students and staff​, No playground, recess, or physical education ​will take place after 1:00 PM. All classes will resume their regular schedule and regular dismissal times​ on Tuesday.

The safety of our students and staff will always be our top priority. Thank you in advance for working together with us during this rare occasion.


​Please feel free to contact me or our school office staff if you have any further questions. ​


Below you will find a link that will take you to detailed eclipse information provided by NASA to help you further understand and prepare for this event.

​For more info, please visit: