Primary School Curriculum

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Cutler Ridge Christian Academy – Curriculum Guide 2019-2020

Primary Curriculum Information

Primary School Education: Grade K4

Our Early Childhood Education program is designed to enhance the developmental stages

growth. The student’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development
is carefully considered as they are nurtured, instructed, guided, and encouraged.

4 Year Old Program

• Bible – A Beka – The Bible program is designed to teach Bible truths and instill the
love of Jesus into the lives of our children. As children listen to stories of God’s Word, they
begin to learn who God is, and that He cares for us. The Bible curriculum encourages the
development of their Christian character. Weekly Chapels also reinforce spiritual growth and

• Reading – A Beka – This Reading Program provides students with practice reading
letters, words, and simple sentences. It is designed to promote phonemic awareness and mastery
of letter recognition through the use of educational materials.

• Language Arts/Phonics - The language program reinforces beginning phonics and reading
skills. Students share in the daily discovery and development of words in order to assist them in
acquiring communication skills and vocabulary necessary for the expression of their
thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Math – A Beka – This Math program enriches the children's awareness of numbers as they relate to
everyday life. It provides an opportunity for the children to get a basic understanding of
counting, shapes, measurement of length, weight, and use of graphs, number recognition, and
other very simple math concepts. These young students learn through creative methods that
make primary school math fun and stimulating.

• Social Studies – A Beka – This Social Studies curriculum is designed to prepare students to be
good citizens. Students need to be aware of the past in order to appreciate and understand the
present. They also need to be able to think critically about the issues they will
face. The curriculum is written from a conservative, evangelical perspective that avoids
extremes and seeks to present history in a balanced manner challenging students to think for
themselves. Our curriculum gives them the skills and knowledge they need to make good
decisions in their homes and communities.

• Science – A Beka – The Science program is designed to promote curiosity in children in order to
expand their understanding of the world God created. Science in primary school includes
activities such as hands-on experiments, cooking, exploratory table, mixing colors, playing with

sand, and playing with sound.

Cutler Ridge Christian Academy – Curriculum Guide 2019-2020

• Writing – A Beka – The writing curriculum develops fine motor skills through activities such as
tracing, cutting, gluing, tearing, lacing, stacking, and molding with clay.

• Music & Movement – This special program develops motor skills through music by providing exposure
to a variety of multicultural musical experiences. Students discover the world around them through
age-appropriate activities. The fun-filled activities include: movement stories, musical
instruments, puppets, hula hoops, bubbles, balls, parachute, and much more.

• Art – The art curriculum includes: paper cutting, playdough, painting, shaving cream table art,
finger painting, introduction to color/coloring, color mixing, art projects relating to fall,
winter, and the holiday seasons. Practicing these skills also aids in the development
of small-muscle coordination.

• Computer Lab – Students learn the parts of a computer, software and its uses, use of websites to
develop language, and computer sorting and memory games. Students also participate in
various coding activities as they learn foundational 21st-century technology skills.

• Library – Weekly story time, theme related finger plays and songs, and enjoyment of
age- appropriate, language-rich books are all enjoyed by our students. Students also learn
related Bible verses throughout the school year.

• Special Activities - Activity centers feature library, science, dramatic play, transportation,
art, and teacher/student workstation. Career and Truck Day, Fire Safety, Pumpkin
Patch, Thanksgiving Feast, Dr. Seuss Week, 50th Day of School, 100th Day of School, Red Ribbon
Week, Mother’s Day Celebration, Heritage Hoorah, Christmas Program, Spring Musical, various

Trips, and much more.