WOW Program


Our school has partnered with a ministry called, "Winning Our World for Christ" (WOW Program). We will be offering this program as part of our Winter Afterschool Programs that will begin in February. Any student who sponsors a child from this ministry will be able to participate in the WOW Afterschool Program. It will be led by Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Broeder, and they will meet with students twice per month. During their meetings, the students will learn about the child they have sponsored, write to them, record videos, participate in live chats and create a connection with their sponsored child. They will also receive Bible classes and learn about their sponsored child's culture and customs. In addition, the students who are a part of the WOW Program will participate in field trips and different local community service projects. This is an effort to create and instill in our students a spirit of compassion and selflessness. Your child's picture will also be placed on our WOW board next to the picture of the child they have sponsored.


You may also visit their website to see firsthand the great things this program is doing:

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